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Gravel is easily displaced by car, van and truck tyres so the solution to keep the gravel in place and level requires a plastic grid structure. Interlocking porous plastic pavers are used as they provide ground stabilisation, permeability and keep the gravel locked with the plastic pavers cells. Ultimate One Ltd supply one of the best value for money porous gravel paving grid systems on the market.

For the best results, porous pavers must be constructed with a minimum 150mm deep free-draining angular gravel sub-base, with a geotextile fabric on top to prevent the intermixing of granular stone layers. The plastic paving grids should be bedded onto a 30-50mm 10mm angular gravel / pea shingle blinding layer. Each plastic paver connect together and once level, should be filled with the 5-10mm angular gravel. For more information about porous plastic paving systems for gravel car parks, please contact us for full installation assistance and product guidance.

  • Porous pavers are SuDS source control compliant
  • Storm water management paving solution
  • Sustainable pavements