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ULTIMATE-One’s galvanised welded wire mesh rolls are available in many mesh apertures, both square and rectangular from1/4’(6mm) up to 2’(50mm). Roll widths / heights are available from 2ft (60cm) up to 6ft 1.8m. We provide mesh rolls in a range of wire thicknesses, with wire gauge diameters ranging from 16 gauge to 23 gauge. Rolls lengths vary from 6m to 30m long.

Typical light weld mesh uses:

  • Garden fencing and perimeter / boundary fences
  • Security cages and fences
  • Dog fencing and other animal enclosures
  • Protection for tree from rabbits
  • Rabbit hutches
  • Boardwalk anti-slip surfacing
  • Permanent fruit cages
  • Construction and plaster applications
  • Use by sculptures

Installation of the welded wire mesh fencing is a simple process. The steel mesh should be fixed the treated timber posts (rounded, or square sawn) using galvanised wire u-nails / staples. Fencing posts need to be no more than 2m apart for a solid fence. We advise that all welded wire mesh should be installed with a galvanised fencing line wire The straining line wire can be tensioned and will ensure that the fence remains taut at its top. Further straining line wires can be installed for higher fences. Weld mesh can also be fixed to wooden post and rail fencing, frames and existing chain link fencing using nylon ties or hog-rings.

Aperture Size:

Our welded mesh is available in many mesh hole sizes:

  • ¼”x ¼” (¼ inch, 6x6mm)
  • ½” x ½” (½ inch, 13 x 13mm)
  • ¾”x ¾” (¾ inch, 19 x 19mm)
  • 1' x ½' (1 x ½ inch, 25 x 13mm)
  • 1' x 1' (1 inch, 25 x 25mm)
  • 2' x 2' (2 inches, 50 x 50mm)


  • Hot-dipped zinc galvanised steel wire
  • 16 gauge to 23 gauge steel wire diameters
  • Steel mesh is welded before galvanisation
  • Corrosion free coating

Our range is large and we should have the  product suitable for your application. We also provide heavier-weight / thicker wire diameter welded wire mesh rolls.