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To protect from rabbits, the minimum height a fence should be is 60cm when installed.  We strongly advise that all rabbit fences are installed by using either a 900mm, 1.05m or 1.2m high fencing mesh. This is partly due to the need to bury some of the mesh at the base to prevent rabbits from digging under the fencing. The bottom 150mm of the mesh should be turned back at right angles (L shape) and buried at least 50mm deep so that turf and vegetation can grow back over it. Rabbit netting should also be battened to wooden posts at a maximum distance of 2.5m apart using steel galvanised u-nails. The rabbit netting should be kept taut by installing a galvanised steel fencing line wire at the base and top of the fencing. The wire netting should be clipped to the 2mm or 2.5mm straining line wire using hog-ring clips. A taller fencing will not only be rabbit-proof, but will also keep out hare, foxes and muntjac.


  • 0.6m, 0.9m 1.05m & 1.2m & 1.8m rolls supplied from stock
  • 31mm hex mesh aperture keeps all rabbits out
  • Galvanised wire netting is rust-resistant
  • Available in 10m, 25m and 50m rolls

Our galvanised steel rabbit fencing mesh is manufactured from mild steel that is hot-dip galvanised to protect the netting from all weathers so that rusting doesn’t occur. Rabbit damage is estimated to cost the British agricultural economy over £100m per year, so installing a high quality rabbit proof fence will certainly be worthwhile.