• Grass Reinforcement and Ground Protection

Whether these recycled plastic pavers are filled with grass or gravel, they provide a permeable surface that not only supports the weight of the cars and other vehicles, but protects the grass from wear, retains gravel in situ and allows rainwater and storm water to flow into the sub-base below.

GrassProtecta Grass Reinforcement mesh is supplied on rolls and is manufactured from recycled plastic polymers and manufactured in the UK. Typical applications include overflow grass car parks, event and festival parking areas, grass paths and front lawn parking areas.

BodPave 40 Porous plastic pavers have a dual ground reinforcement use. With a grass fill, they are ideal for frequent grass access roads, grass car parks, parking areas and fire access roads. With a gravel fill they are used for gravel car parks, drives, garden paths, cycle paths, truck access routes and roads.