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Manufactured from galvanised steel, the mesh is coated in a green plastic that protects the steel further from corrosion and provides a aesthetic pleasing fencing that blends into the natural environment. Each roll is supplied with a coil for PVC coated fencing line wire which should be used to tension the mesh at the top and middle to keep the fencing rigid.

Mesh rolls heights:

  • 0.9mtr / Approx 3ft
  • 1.2mtr / Approx 4ft
  • 1.5mtr / Approx 5ft
  • 1.8mtr / Approx 6ft
  • 2.4mtr / Approx 8ft

Wire Mesh Diameters / Grades:

  • Medium 1.7mm steel / 2.4mm with coating
  • Heavy 2.25mm steel / 3.15mm with coating