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Galvanised stock fencing is manufactured from heavy gauge steel wires and is easy to install between timber fencing posts. The wire mesh should be fixed using galvanised staples / U Nails, and supported at the top by a 12 gauge or heavy galvanised tensioning line wire. To stop cattle and other livestock pushing down onto the top of the fencing, one or two lengths of barbed wire is normally installed above the fencing. Field fencing wire mesh is a cost-effective, long term fence system ideal for agricultural, rural and farm applications

Our stock fencing range is considerable with C8/80/15, L8/80/15, L10/120/15 and CG8/80/15 plus our range of 1.9m high tensile deer fencing - usually held in stock at all times. Our full range is shown below, some that might require us to quote you for if they do not appear in the shop.