Bamboo Bell Cloches

Bamboo cloches are bell shaped and made from natural split bamboo. Available as a three pack and in three individual sizes, Bamboo cloches can simply be placed over plants to protect from birds, pests, pets, frosts and winds. Our split bamboo cloches are natural and will blend in well with the garden.

Cloches can be lined with a frost fabric or straw if exceptional cold spells are anticipated, providing all year round protection for your plants, crops or vegetables.

Cloche sizes:

  • 30cm dia. x 40cm high
  • 40cm dia. x 50cm high
  • 50cm dia. x 60cm high

Bamboo cloches are available in packs if 3 of each size, packs of 5 of each size and a mixed set of one of each size.

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