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Problems are very evident where cars are required to park on grass in wet weather, on saturated turf or on grass out of the grass growing season. If the grass sub-base / soil is poor draining, rainwater has nowhere to go.The weight and dynamic action of a vehicle tyre causes the water to be "pumped", a process that brings fine soil particles and water the the surface and quickly makes a grass parking area a muddy mess. Regular use of a grass area will cause severe rutting and mud bath!However, Ultimate One provide two solutions that protect the grass and reinforces the ground so that rutting, grass wear and muddy areas are limited. Grass reinforcement mesh is installed directly onto the grass, and allows the grass to grow through the thick plastic mesh apertures. The mesh works by creating a strong interlock between the grass roots and mesh, spreading vehicle weights and protecting damage the the grass roots. Grass Reinforcement mesh is perfect for overflow grass car parking and for parking on lawns at home. For a regular grass car park, we supply are recycled plastic porous grass pavers. Grass pavers are 40mm thick plastic grids, that provide ground reinforcement, and an optimum environment for strong grass roots without damage caused by car wheels.