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Tree guards protect trees from browsing animals including rabbits, hare, muntjac, sheep, livestock, cattle and deer. These wire mesh tree protection guards are also installed in public amenity areas, country parks, newly landscaped areas, play areas and visitor attractions to stop dogs and the public from damaging newly planted saplings or young trees. Our weld mesh tree guards are manufactured from high strength galvanised steel wire which is 2.5mm thick (12swg / 12 gauge wire). The mesh is welded at each join to form the 1" x 3" aperture or 2" x 2" aperture. As well has galvanised metal tree guards, we supply our green PVC coated tree guards, that are galvanised and then plastic coated - ideal where tree guards are required to blend in better to the natural landscape and environment. Our tree guards are supplied in two heights, 4ft and 6ft and in various diameters including 300mm, 450mm and 600mm as standard. (12", 18" and 24" inches)