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Grass reinforcement mesh is a thick plastic mesh supplied on a roll that is laid onto the existing grass and secured to the ground using fixing pins. The plastic mesh allows the grass to grow through its slip-resistant mesh apertures, allowing the grass to be cut as normal. After a few weeks the plastic mesh will be invisible. Grass protection mesh reinforces and protects grass roots by creating an interlock between the mesh filaments and the grass roots. Vehicle loads are therefore spread more evenly, minimising rutting grass root damage. The grass remains as permeable as it was before the mesh was installed. Ideal for occasionally frequent overflow grass car parks

Permeable Plastic Grass Pavers are interlocking open-cell plastic paving grids that are constructed onto a prepared open-graded stone sub-base, geotextile separation fabric and layer of root zone soil The pavers are connected together and the cells filled with the root zone and seeded. Once the grass has grown through the porous grass pavers, a high-load bearing reinforced grass surface is the result. Porous grass pavers are ideal for grass car parking as they can take heavy weight cars, vans and trucks for frequently during the grass growing season months. Grass pavers are ideal where SuDS source control is required or where permeable trafficable surface is required to combat flooding issues caused by storm water and heavy rain. Ideal for overspill car parking access roads and parking bays.