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All fencing installations should have a line wire installed at the top to stop the fencing sagging and keep it taut. We also recommend a line wire be installed at ground level to stop people, or browsing animals from crawling or digging underneath. For meshes above 1.2 metres we would advise an additional galvanised line wire be installed in the middle as well and clipped to the wire mesh or plastic filaments.

We supply a large range of wire coils, all galvanised to prevent the steel from rusting. Line wire can also be used to form fencing without any mesh and also can be used for plant support in gardens and allotments.

Our most popular galvanised line wires are:

  • 1.6mm dia. x 315m (5kg) - 16 gauge
  • 2mm dia. x 200m (5kg coil) - 14 gauge
  • 2mm dia. x 1000m (25kg coil) - 14 gauge
  • 2.5mm dia. x 130m (5kg) - 12 gauge
  • 2.5mm dia. x 260m (10kg) - 12 gauge
  • 3.15mm dia. x 80m (5kg) - 10 gauge
  • 3.15mm dia. x 164m (10kg) - 10 gauge

Wire diameters are available in 0.9mm, 1mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4mm and 5mm - in a coil size to suit your commercial, agricultural or domestic garden fencing requirements. High tensile line wires are available in the thickest grades for the professional fencer and long, tensioned fences.

Galvanised steel straining wire can be sued on all sorts of fencing including rabbit fencing, chicken wire, hexagonal wire mesh, welded wire mesh, deer control netting, chain link, stock fencing, plastic mesh and plastic garden netting.