Porous Pavers for Gravel Surfaces

Porous Pavers for Gravel Surfaces

Recycled plastic pavers are interlocking open cell grids that provide a permeable ground stabilisation solution for gravel car parks, access roads, drives and paths. Filled with angular stone, porous gravel pavers should be installed onto a prepared sub-base which includes a thick open-graded stone sub-base, geotextile and angular gravel bedding layer. The interlocking plastic grids clip into each other and once filled with angular gravel, provide a hard-wearing ground reinforcement solution for cars, trucks and buses.

Typical applications for plastic gravel pavers:

  • Gravel car parks and parking bays
  • Gravel driveways, drives and lanes
  • Permeable fire access roads
  • Garden paths

Why use a porous plastic paver?

  • They retain gravel within the cells
  • Provides a free draining surface for vehicles (bikes, cars, trucks, lorries, coaches and buses)
  • Satisfy SuDS source control requirements
  • Allows rainwater and storm water to soak directly into the sub-base reducing flood issues
  • Fast and easy to install


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