Grass Reinforcement mesh that protects grass prone to rutting, wear and mud caused by cars, dogs and pedestrian traffic

Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Grass reinforcement mesh is a thick plastic mesh that protects grass that is prone to becoming muddy, rutted and worn caused by cars, vehicles or excessive pedestrian traffic. Easily installed the mesh disappears as the grass grows through the mesh holes. We stock heavy-grade thick GrassProtecta reinforcing mesh and lighter load-bearing TurfProtecta turf reinforcement plastic meshes.

Permeable grass or gravel reinforced with plastic porous paving grids from Ultimate One Limited

Plastic Porous Pavers

Plastic porous grass pavers and permeable gravel pavers provide ground stabilization and reinforcement, producing a trafficable permeable pavement surface suitable for cars, vans, trucks and lorries.

Popup fruit cage with bird netting with door

Plant & Crop Protection

Fruit & Veg bird-proof protection cages, grow tunnels, cloches and bird netting

Galvanised welded wire mesh panels, sheets and rolls for fencing, animal housing, fencing and plant support

Galvanised Wire Mesh

Galvanised welded wire mesh panels, sheets and rolls for fencing, animal housing, fencing and plant support. Applications include garden fencing, agricultural fencing, stock fencing, dog fences, rabbit fencing, chicken wire, aviaries, fruit cages and security. 



ULTIMATE ONE Ltd is an online supplier of carefully selected garden, fencing and landscaping products to domestic, trade and commercial customers. We supply GrassProtecta grass reinforcement mesh for protecting grass prone to worn bare patches, muddy areas and rutting and BodPave porous plastic paving grids for a porous grass or gravel trafficable surface. Our vast range of galvanised welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting and weld mesh sheet panels can be used for fencing, plant support, security cages, fruit cages and aviaries. For the keen gardener or allotment owner take a look at our high quality grow tunnels, anti-bird netting,  fruit and vegetable cage kits, pop up veg cages and cloches. We have something for everyone looking to protect their garden, grow their crops or protect the ground.

New Products

  • Galvanised Steel J-Pins 300x40x40mm (6mm dia) - 20 pack

    Fencing Accessories

    £16.50 inc. VAT
  • Galvanised Steel J-Pins 200x40x40mm (6mm dia) - 20 pack

    Fencing Accessories

    £14.10 inc. VAT
  • Steel U-Pins 150x50x150 (4mm dia) - 100 pack

    Turf Reinforcement Mesh

    £30.00 inc. VAT
  • Galvanised Pre-Weld Mesh Panel 8ft x 4ft / 2.44m x 1.22m - 50mm/2" holes (12g)

    Weld Mesh Panels

    £15.90 inc. VAT
  • Green PVC Coated Fencing Line Wire ~ 3.15/2.24mm coated x 75mtr

    Galvanised Fencing Line Wire

    £15.00 inc. VAT