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Uninstalling the raspberry fruit netting cage is just as simple and the unique design of the products means they can be folded and packed away space-saving flat bag. The raspberry bush cage protects the plant from bird attacks and comes in a 1.25m wide x 1.25m long x 1.85m high frame  and 1m x 1m x 1.85m high frame which provides a large amount of space for the fruit tree to grow large. each pop-up cage comes with a zipped door which is perfect for picking the fruit, weed-maintenance and leaving open when bees or other pollination is required. Each frame includes a weather-proof skirt which can be set in a trench to protect the crop from pests that like to burrow. The frame itself should be fixed to the soil using the fixing pegs supplied with the products. This will ensure the netting cages remains stable in the most windy of locations. The 4mm woven polypropylene anti bird netting is 100% porous allowing rain and watering to be conducted as normal. We feel that this product is so simple to install and remove that it should be in every raspberry and fruit growers garden shed!


  • 1.85m high fruit cage - ideal for raspberry bushes
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High quality maintenance-free robust product that will protect your raspberries year after year
  • Thick, robust bird-proof 4mm woven mesh polypropylene netting
  • Large zipped access door enables access for maintenance and can allow pollinating insects and bees in