Frost Fleece Pop-up Plant Cage



Protecting your plants and vegetables from the frost is really important to gardeners. Our pop-up frost fleece cages provide a quick and simple frost and cold system protection to all your vegetables or plants throughout the year.

The frost fleece cages are self-assembing by using a spring steel frame which quicly pops-up into an instant cage with no tools required. As simple as the frost protection cage is to install, it is just as simple to pack away by simply folding. The sprung steel cage is covered with a high quality 45gsm woven polypropylene fleece fabric. This fleece fabric protects the inside of the cage from frost and wind and raises the temperature inside. The frost fleece fabric is permeable so allows moisture and rain through so the plants or vegetables benefit from a warmer environment and the normal rain water that the plants would expect without the protection cage.

Installation is so simply - just unzip the bag and watch as the cage pops up before your eyes! Once the frame has been erected, it can be placed directly over your plants, allotment vegetables or crops and secured in placed by the supplied fixing pegs. The frame is supplied with fixing loops which helps the down to ensure stability in windy conditions or over pallets or other suitable bases for use on the patio or hard standing ground.


  • Protects plants, crops, and seeded vegetables simply and quickly
  • Instant self-assembling spring steel frame pop of cage with no tools or construction required
  • Folds back into a space-saving bag for storing when not in use, freeing up garden space
  • High quality and strong construction that will protection plants and veg from frost for years to come, maintenance-free
  • The woven 45gsm fleece fabric material keeps the warmth in and weather out benefitng the growth of the plants
  • Pop-up frost protection fleece cages are available in 4 sizes
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