Fruit & Veg Netting Grow Tunnels

Fruit & Veg Netting Grow Tunnels



ULTIMATE netting grow tunnels provide the keen gardener with a growing area that protects their fruit, vegetables, seeds and crops from birds or butterflies. Our netting grow tunnels are manufactured from high strength carbon fibre rods that are fixed to the netting through sewn material sleeves. The woven netting has a 4mm mesh aperture, is tough, strong and long-lasting. 

If you are serious about gardening at home or in your allotment, this net growing cloche is an advanced crop protection system that can be re-used year after year. Don't be fooled into purchasing inferior low quality hoop and wire tunnels. If you want a long lasting protection for your veg, fruit and crops this is the best grow tunnel in the market. Tunnels are supplied with tough zipped doors enabling access into the frame for weeding, planting and harvesting.

Netting grow tunnels are really easily erected and just as easy to dismantled and packed in the supplied storage bag. The benefits of a netting grow tunnel is that they provide bird and pest protection for your fruit (including strawberry plants), veg, salad crops and plants. The woven PP anti-bird netting is extremely tough, durable and long-lasting. If you are looking protect you garden or allotment crops from birds, animal or other pests then this high quality crop tunnel is what you need.


  • 4mm mesh size woven PP anti-bird netting keeps birds out and crops protected
  • 3 sizes of netting cloche frames available in U-shaped profiles: 75x50cm, 100x100cm and 150x150cm in 3m and 5m lengths
  • Re-usable, long-lasting year after year
  • Each tunnel has integral tough zipped doors for easy access to crops and fruit inside
  • Guy ropes help strengthen the neting frames
  • No tools are required when installing - really easy to install
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