Heavy Duty Fruit Cages - Walk In

Heavy Duty Fruit Cages - Walk In



Ultimate One's heavy duty fruit cages are designed to provide the most stable frame to protect your fruit and vegetables from bird and pest attacks. This heavy duty fruit and vegetable frame is 2m high meaning that you can work inside the cage. The cage kit is supplied with our strong and robust knitted PP anti-bird netting that will provide many years of service keeping out those birds. Cages are available in 2m, 4m, 6m and 8m lengths and widths and are a low-cost plant protection solution for keen gardeners and allotment owners.

The fruit cage frame is manufactured from sturdy 25mm square box-section aluminium tubing that is powder coated in a green finish. The frames tubing is connected to each other by steel reinforced push-fit joints. Ground spikes are supplied where the frame is fixed to the ground.

Heavy duty walk-in anti-bird fruit cages will protect you vegetable or allotment plot from birds and pests. The netting is fixed to the ground using ground pegs and there is an option of a door kit with the frame meaning that it is easy to enter and access the crops inside. Ideal for all vegetables, crops and in particular fruit bushes like raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, plum and other soft fruit tree that needs protecting from birds.


  • Strong and robust 25mm box aluminium tubing frame
  • Frame tubes are joined and corners connected using steel reinforced push-fit joints
  • Each frame is supplied with ample 20mm anti-bird netting
  • The cage is fixed to the ground using the ground spikes
  • Accessories are available to enlarge fruit cages to any size you require
  • Access doors are available for ease of entry to the crops inside
  • Built to last with no-maintenance required
  • Each frame kit creates a plant cage with a height of 2m

All our walk in heavy duty fruit and veg bird protection frames have extra components that can be purchased to make the frames extended.

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