Fruit & Vegetable Butterfly Netting Cage

Fruit & Vegetable Butterfly Netting Cage



Protect your brassica vegetable plants from the cabbage white butterflies and other species of butterfly that cause damage to your crops of cabbages, broccoli, calabrese, purple sprouting, cauliflowers, kales and brussel sprout plants. Our vegetable protection cages are built from tubular powder coated aluminium tubes and connected together by plastic "build-a-balls" and secured to the ground using ground spikes. The strong aluminium frame is supplied with a woven 7mm PP netting that will keep all cabbage white butterflies out. The high strength knitted anti-butterfly netting can be draped over the frame and secured to the soil using the supplied plastic ground pegs.


  • Build-it fruit and veg cages, ideal for protecting brassica veg from butterflies
  • Green powder coated aluminium round tubes are strong
  • Aluminium tubes are connected together using plastic "Build-a-ball" connectors
  • 7mm woven PP netting will keep butterflies out, allowing your veg to grow quickly
  • Extension kits are available to make a plant protection from of any size and dimension
  • Ideal protection for cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts, broccoli and calabrese

Our range is large and we supply butterfly protection vegetable cages in many sizes as listed below. The benefit of using a “Build Your Own” brassica cage are that they are supplied in flat-packs and easily built into the frame size you have purchased or combined with another frame to make a larger frame. The build your own butterfly protection frame system allows you to combine frames and you can purchase additional tubes, connectors and woven 7mm butterfly netting as required.

Each frame is made up of either 1m or 1.25m aluminium powder coated tubes which are connected to each other using the “Build-a-Ball” frame connectors. Frames are fixed to the soil using a ground spike inserted into the aluminium tubing of the frame. When the brassica frame is constructed, the 7mm butterfly netting is put over the frame. Fixing pegs are used to keep the netting tight and to stop any gaps between the soil and the inside of the veg cage.

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