Fencing Mesh & Wire Netting Applications

Fencing Mesh & Wire Netting Applications

We provide a range of galvanised welded wire mesh, weld mesh panels and galvanised hexagonal wire for many applications around the garden and fencing for the professional fencer. From rabbit fencing wire, chicken wire, garden fencing, livestock fencing and perimeter fencing, our welded wire and galvanised wire ranges are supplied in multiple heights, wire diameters and roll lengths to suit most applications.

Galvanised wire mesh is used for many applications from fencing, animal enclosures, plant support, construction, plant protection, aviaries and fruit cages to name a few. Ultimate One supply three main steel wire and galvanised wire mesh product ranges


Security Fencing
Animal enclosures
Climbing plant support
Dog and Pet enclosures
Pond Covers
Pond Leaf Protection
Chicken Runs
Pet / Rabbit Hutches


Garden Fencing
Tree Protection Guards
Chicken Runs
Security Fencing
Dog Fencing areas
Boardwalk anti-slip surfaces
Dog Fences  


Chicken Wire
Rabbit Fencing
Livestock Fencing
Agricultural Fencing
Perimeter Fencing
Plant & Vegetable protection
Thatched roofs  

All our steel wire mesh products are hot-dipped galvanised, a corrosion rust-resistant treatment that will protect the product for many years. We supply a huge range of square weld mesh sizes, from 5mm square mesh holes, 1/2 inch (13mm), 1 inches (25mm), 2 inches (50mm) and up to 3 inches (75mm). Panel sizes range from 6ft x 3ft and 8ft x 4ft (2.44m x 1.22m). Welded Wire mesh rolls are available in many sizes from 1m up to 2m wide. Galvanised hexagonal chicken wire / rabbit fencing is available in many rolls heights and lengths, and in 13mm (1/2"), 25mm (1"), 31mm(1 1/4") and 50mm (3") hexagonal wire mesh.