Insect Netting Pop-up Veg Cages



Our ULTIMATE insect netting pop-up frames have been designed to protect vegetables and fruit from bird and insect damage. The pop-up veg frame is covered with a robust woven PP netting with an ultra-fine insect netting with permeable 0.6mm mesh holes size. These vegetable protection cages are particularly good and stopping garden pests like butterflies, white-fly, green-fly and carrot fly

The pop up vegetable cage is supplied with a weather-proof skirt that can be buried into a small trench to stop burrowing pests and insects access to the crops, vegetables, fruit or seedlings in the plant cage. The cages is secured to the soil or ground with the supplied fixing pegs to give the cage more stabilisation in all weather conditions.

Erecting our pop-up veg cage is really simple and can be achieved in seconds with no requirement for any tools. Uninstalling is just as quick, and the insect net cage can be folded and stored in its flat pack bag ready to be used year after year. Protecting crops from birds or insects in the garden is really important for the keen gardener, as crops can be lost very quickly with an insect infestation.


  • Self-assembly is quick and easy
  • Frame covered with a fine 0.6mm polypropylene woven netting
  • Designed to protect carrots from carrot fly and other fruit and vegetables from bird attacks and insects
  • Available in 3 sizes, 1 being designed for standard growbag size
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