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The pop-up steel frame is covered with a strong 4mm woven polypropylene netting that will stop all bird attacks. Each pop-up cage is supplied with a zipped door for access to the strawberry fruit, salad plants or crops and is ideal for pollination access.  Each pop-up fruit and veg cage includes a weather-proof skirt which can be set in a trench to protect from burrowing pests.

Installing the strawberry pop-up cage is really simple - just unzip the bag and watch as the sprung netting cage pops up ready to be placed over the plants or seeds.  To secure the cages to the soil, each frame is supplied with ground fixing pegs. When the cage is no longer required, it can be simply removed, folded up and stores away for year after year use - a truly reusable piece of kit that every gardener should have.


  • Protects fruit crops like strawberriers, salad crops like lettuce and newly sowed seeds from bird attacks
  • Pop-up cages simply erect instantly with no tools needed
  • Once used, the cages fold back into a space-saving bag ready for storage for the following year
  • High quality maintenance-free strong construction that will protect your plants for year after year
  • Thick, robust 4mm woven mesh polypropylene netting is bird and butterfly proof
  • 4mm woven mesh allows rainwater through and watering can be carried out as normal
  • Large zipped doors helps to control ventilation and provides access for maintenance
  • As a bird protection cage for strawberries, it is ideal for use after pollination and setting and through the harvest of the strawberries