Garden Grow Tunnels - Frost Fleece

Garden Grow Tunnels - Frost Fleece



Our ULTIMATE fleece grow tunnel is a crop protection system that is ideal for protecting vegetables, seedlings and fruit plants from frost, birds and insect damage. The growing tunnel is covered with a high quality 45gsm woven polypropylene fleece.

The frost fleece fabric is designed to protect the growing plants or crops from cold snaps and heavy frosts by keeping the temperature inside warmer. The woven fabric is porous so allows air circulation, water through and creates an ideal micro-climate inside. This allows vegetable and salad crops to be protected and hardened over the most severe weather. Fleece grow tunnels are large with a width of 1m and a height of 1m, and are supplied in either a 3m or 5m tunnel length.


  • U-shaped frames allow plenty of growing space 1m x 1m u-shape
  • Designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in
  • Our grow frames are built to last and can be used year after year.
  • The growing frame has collapsible carbon fibre rods which create a really strong structure
  • The frost fleece is manufactured from a 45gsm woven fabric
  • Tunnels / cloches available in 3m and 5m lengths
  • No tools are required when installing
  • Each frame has a zipped door at each end for access to the plants, veg or crops being protected inside

The garden fleece tunnel is a strong, robust and yet compact product that packs flat when stored in the supplied bag. The fleece fabric and material loops for the u-shaped frame rods are sewn making this fleece grow tunnel far stronger than traditional and cheap hoop and wire tunnels. Each end on the grow tunnels have guy ropes and the frames are supplied with ground fixing pegs for added stability.

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