Tomato Greenhouse Shelter



Our slimline tomato greenhouse provides shelter and an ideal growing environment for your tomato plants from when they are planted through to the tomatoes being harvested. The slimline shelter is strong and robust as the frame is manufactured from high quality 25mm powder-coated square aluminium tubing and high quality UPVC sections. The frame is covered by a high quality polythene plastic film that is great for protecting the plants from cold weather and wind, while trapping warmth inside.

The front of the tomato greenhouse has a zipped opening that opens nearly full width for easy access to the tomato plants for maintenance and harvesting the ripened tomatoes. The zipped access door also is great for controlling ventilation, humidity and temperature inside which helps to optimise the ideal growing conditions, resulting in increased yields.


  • Strong tubular 25mm powder coated aluminium frame
  • High quality strong polythene makes this greenhouse last year after year
  • The tomato greenhouse is easily built and can be taken down quickly for storage in the winter
  • Zip-open sides for access to tomatoes and for ventilation control
  • Slimline construction is ideal for growing tomatoes where space is limited
  • 1.85m high x 2m long x 1m wide when erected
  • Pitched roof allows rainwater to run-off
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